2002-2007. Dept. of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. The
chair of “Higher geometry and topology”. Special attention to differential geometry, low-
dimensional topology and algebraic topology.
Master thesis “Algorithm of computation of the 2nd order Vassiliev-Goussarov invariant”. Scientific advisor: Prof. Ivan Dynnikov.

2006. “Special education center” of MIAN RAS (Steklov Institute), Moscow. Ex-
tended lecture courses in “Characteristical classes”, “Additional topic of differential
geometry” and the other.

2007-2010. Software developer, leading software developer in BV special projects
corp., Moscow.

2010-2011. Utrecht University, Master-class “Moduli spaces”. Scientific advisor: Prof.
Sergey Shadrin (Amsterdam University). The thesis written – “Cohomological field
theories on the moduli space of genus zero weighted pointed curves”.

2011-2014.Phd student in GRK1463, Hannover University, Institute of algebraic geometry.
Research advisor: Prof. Wolfgang Ebeling. Thesis “Mirror symmetry for
the orbifolded Landau-Ginzburg model”. Submitted on the 23st of July, defended on 2nd of December 2014.

2012-2015.Phd student in NRU HSE, Moscow. Research advisor: Prof.
Sergey Lando.

2014-2015. Postdoc in GRK1463, Hannover University, Institute of algebraic geometry.

2015-2017. Postdoc in  Mannheim University, Lehrstuhl VI, working in the French-German project SISYPH.

2017 – current time. Postdoc in Heidelberg University.


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